Tecno Trade was founded in 1993, by twenty years experience in the field of Industrial and Military Supplies of family Lozito, wich was proposed on the market as a distributor of parts, components, equipment and products for civil, military and industrial maintenance.

The daily work in improving services and products offered and the constant attention of the company to market needs, have been met with immediate approval in the experts.

The experience of its employees is the basis of an efficient organizational structure capable of providing high quality services and products, and to place the company at the top of its market.

Tecno Trade has its strength in the service and can meet any demand with high quality standards and in total compliance with regulations, conscious of the responsibility that requires this specific area.

Its mission is aimed at satisfying the growing demand for materials and information by providing clear and immediate answers and timely deliveries.

It has, in fact, a warehouse, marketing structures and network of international partnership, such as to enable the management of thousands of items, thanks also to a computerized search system, specifically designed for aeronautical products.

Tecno Trade, certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, pays particular attention to quality control of materials, implemented strictly in accordance with regulations to ensure full compliance of products supplied to the International Standards Certification and allowing, in addition, the recognition as a provider with a NATO Code A0311.

Every single product supplied, in fact, is accompanied by a regular Certificate of Compliance of the company and the complete documentation of traceability of products released by the most qualified manufacturers. (FAA FORM 8130-3, EASA Form1, Certificate of Conformance, Certifycate of Analysis).

The services and products offered are of particular importance to companies operating in the following areas:


  •       Military departments to review and maintenance;

  •       Aircraft manufacturers and components;

  •       General Aviation, Flying Club, Flying Schools;

  •        Maintenance company aircraft, engines and parts thereof;

  •       Manufacturers of equipment related to the arms sector;

  •       Company manufacturers of military infrastructure and aircraft stores;

  •       The military (Air Force, Navy, Army);

  •       Bodies of Public Safety (Police, Firefighters, Coast Guard)

  •        Mechanical and Manufacturing Industries.

To bring more and more services and products offered, Tecno Trade has, among its main objectives, the search for innovative solutions with the best value, functionality and price, in order to constantly improve the satisfaction of its largest customers .


TECNO TRADE S.r.l. -Via della Fiera, 2 70023 GIOIA DEL COLLE (BA) - Tel. +39 0803430033 - Fax. +39 0803430072 - P. IVA: IT04433130723
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